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HorseShoe Gifts

HorseShoe Gifts

We design and manufacture a range of products made from real horseshoes, the traditional symbol of good luck.

Horseshoes have long been associated with good luck, and traditionally are said to bring love and good fortune, and are therefore particularly popular gifts for special occasions.

We design and handcraft a range of gifts from real horseshoes.

At our workshop in a small village near Lambourn, Berkshire, in "the valley of the racehorse" we transform horseshoes into memorable gifts for special occasions.

Hand decorated and carefully finished a horseshoe gift is a lasting and unique gift that can be easily personalised for your special event.

We are very proud of our high standards, and the quality of our horseshoes and hope you will be too..

Decorated Horseshoes

Decorated Horseshoes

Anniversary Horseshoes

Wedding Horseshoes, Brides Lucky Horseshoe

Good Luck Horseshoe for Births, Christenings, Birthdays

Lucky Horseshoe Birthstones & Zodiac Signs

Horseshoes for Celebrations, Milestones & Landmarks

Horseshoe Photo Frames

Horseshoe Photo Frames on Plinths, Plaques, Easels or Wall Hanging Engraved Name Plate options

Nickel Plated, Chrome Polished, Gold Gilt plated, Hand Painted

Single, Double & Triple Frames

Your own phtoto mounted for free, Your own horseshoes treated, polished & mounted

Special memory & memorial Horseshoes
Horseshoe Photo Frames
Horseshoe Products

Horseshoe Products

Horseshoe Coasters

Horseshoe Letter Racks

Tool Hangers

Stable Name Plates

Horseshoe Mirrors

Good Luck Horseshoes

Lucky Horseshoes

Horseshoe Photo Charms
Polished Horseshoes, Hand Painted Horseshoes

Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated, Gold Gilt, Copper Plated, Sparkling Aluminium

Choice of stands, Engraved name plates

Real Thoroughbred Aluminium Horseshoe Steel Horseshoe, Shire Horseshoes
Good Luck Horseshoes

Contact Us -

Sales Orders & Information: 077 60 291 718 open 8am to 8pm every day

Fax: 0871 266 4155 email: or click on SEND MAIL icon in the shop

Postal address:Norris Lane, Chaddleworth, Berkshire RG20 7DZ

Company 4566857 registered in Cardiff, UK. For further details see 'About Us' in T's & C's INFO in the SHOP

Best Selling Items

Horseshoes Natural Thoroughbred

Horseshoes Natural Thoroughbred


genuine aluminium racing horseshoes (plates)
front shape (round) or hind shape (egg), plain or clipped,
8mm thick x 19mm section , weight approx 80gms,
six sizes available - (see size chart link above)

please note the Farriers Registration Act statement below regarding the buying of horseshoes

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Good Luck Horseshoe and Ribbon

Good Luck Horseshoe and Ribbon

Real Thoroughbred Horseshoe front shape with ribbon and optional centre decoration.

Click on the picture to see the range of ribbon colours
and then select from drop down list below

choose a centre triple rose bow from the drop down list or leave selection as "No centre bow" if you do not want any centre decoration.

If you prefer an alternative centre decoration such as pearl flowers or diamante rose please contact us before ordering as there are numerous variations available.

This horseshoe is available in a range of metallic surfaces, please choose from the drop down list.

Can also be lacquered or enameled in many BS standard paint colours, please contact us if you want a bespoke colour not listed in our choices. There is no extra cost for this service, the price will be the same as the white horseshoe.

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Ivory decorated Wedding Horseshoe

Ivory decorated Wedding Horseshoe

A real lightweight horseshoe decorated with Ivory roses and ribbons
(click on picture for more details)

Available in a choice of surface finishes - select from the drop down list
(picture shows polished chrome look finish)

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Engraved Name Plates for plinths

Engraved Name Plates for plinths

available in brass (as picture)
or polished aluminium chrome effect,

please click on "How to Order" link below before you place your order

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Engraved curved plate for Wedding Horseshoe

Engraved curved plate for Wedding Horseshoe


This curved engraved plate is available in mirror polished aluminium (looks like chrome).

It can accomodate one or two lines of text
(please click the product picture for more details and to see an image of the plate with two lines of text)

The engraved curved plate can be added to a polished horseshoe in any design and will replace any embellishment or decoration that would appear at the toe of the horseshoe.

Please choose "polished" horseshoe from the surface finish options.

If the design you choose has a centre bow option disregard the centre bow choices as we will know what to do if the curved engraved plate is added to your order.

If this curved plate is chosen the shape of the horseshoe will be front (rounded) and not the oval (hind) displayed in this section.
(an example of a front shape is the Good Luck Horseshoe and Ribbon on this page).

After we receive your order we will send you an email for you to advise us of the wording you require.

If you have any quesries please contact us via email or telephone 077 60 291 718.

The price displayed is for the engraved plate only and does not include the cost of the horseshoe. The plate is an optional extra which we attach to a horseshoe. It is not for sale as a separate item and can only be ordered with one of our horseshoes.
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Satin Roses Wedding Horseshoe with centre rose bow

Satin Roses Wedding Horseshoe with centre rose bow

A real lightweight horseshoe decorated with Diamante & Plain satin Roses
with any choice of coloured bow and ribbon (subject to availability)

shown here in Cream Roses with Lilac centre bow
(click on picture for larger image)

Any colour of Rose can be complimented with any choice of centre bow. The hanging ribbon will normally be matched to the colour of the main roses but if you want a coloured ribbon please call us as there are too many choices to list.

A list of Rose colours and Centre Bow colours can be seen in the drop down lists. Click the link to see images of the coloured bows & ribbons.

Available in a choice of surface finishes - see the drop down list
(picture shows Nickel shimmer finish)

We can email you a photo of the horseshoe decorated in your choices for your approval if you are unsure of what the item will look like.

find out more is a trading name of horseco ltd a UK company

Horseshoe Gifts